Daily Journey Journal #203: out of the maze

From December 16, 2014

The period of wandering in the murk of stagnation is nearly at an end. The waiting is almost over, the search all but complete. Today is the day I must pick my path and escape the maze of finding employment, the day I will begin on the journey of building a career. Over the last few days I have talked myself and everyone around me in circles, trying to decide the best option, weighing merits, searching my soul for what will make me happiest. And, I think at last I’ve found the answer.

The pieces are falling into place and soon we’ll be settled. It seems such a simple thing, being settled, and yet it fills me with joy. I’ll have a purpose again, be actively engaged and we’ll have our own place to call home. In these moments, I am so grateful for the mysterious ways in which fate works its magic.

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