Daily Journey Journal #197: list of little joys

I like to read about a lot of things, especially tid-bits about ways to improve life for more happiness. Today, I came across an Elephant Journal article called 50 Ways to Feel Like a Million Bucks which made me think about the things in my life that make me feel fantastic and bring each day great joy and happiness. So, I thought that for my post today I would write a list of the top 20 things I do almost daily that bring light, happiness and magic to my life.

  1. talk to people
  2. spend time in nature
  3. be creative
  4. do something that makes me feel confident or successful
  5. be greatful
  6. drink coffee (or tea!)
  7. pet the dogs
  8. go for a walk
  9. follow a routine, especially regarding sleep
  10. but, don’t be afraid of breaking that routine once in a while
  11. write
  12. read
  13. keep my living space clean/organized
  14. go for a run
  15. be inspired by the world around me
  16. eat food that makes me feel good
  17. laugh
  18. get enough sleep
  19. spend some time reflecting
  20. spend time away from electronics and being plugged in

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