Daily Journey Journal #196: new lessons

From December 9, 2014

The adventure in job searching has proven to be a bumpy ride. My first two interviews were painfully horrid and I walked away from them feeling completely inept. Fortunately, these experiences also created great learning opportunities. I started seeing patterns in the kinds of questions interviewers ask and figuring out professional responses to them. I learned the best way to field difficult questions and ways to present myself. And, most of all, I found that like most things, practice makes perfect.

So, this afternoon when I had my third interview, I was prepared. I read through articles of interview advice. A had helped me prepare by asking me all the questions we imagined could be asked. I read through the job description so many times that I could almost repeat it word for word, and by doing so, I grew more confident that I was capable of doing the job based off of its description.

In addition, before the interview, I went for a run, had coffee and imbibed in some humor so that I was completely relaxed when the interview began. And, much to my delight, my interviewers were so kind and light-hearted. I felt as if they wanted me to succeed in the interview and the intimidation I’ve felt during my other interviews was missing, thank goodness. When the interview ended, I walked away feeling successful and positive. Even if this position does not work out (but, oh how I hope it does!), this was a fantastic experience and one that I will carry with me as I travel down the road of this journey.


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