Daily Journey Journal #192: crossing paths

In this journey of life, it is the people that make the biggest difference. Those individuals who walk beside us for a time, who share the road, their wisdom and experiences, they make the road beautiful.

Today I had the opportunity to catch up with my university adviser, who is just one such person. Not only did he help guide me through the undergrad years but he continues to have incredible faith and belief in what I can do to better the world. Talking to him makes me see all the doors that are open, helps to renew my faith that each person can do good for the world, and that I can do anything I set my mind to.  I left our meeting feeling like no dream is too big and that with a little effort, a lot of determination and a fierce dedication, I will reach my goals, no matter how they change.

Most of all, however, I left feeling lucky to know this professor. It is special to have a busy researcher and instructor take time out of the day to meet with someone to whom he he has no responsibility.


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