Daily Journey Journal #191: to my Chika

I remember the moment I first set eyes on you and I couldn’t help but think, really? A chihuahua? As I’m sure you’ve learned, we weren’t really chihuahua sort of people. I’d known herding dogs and terriers, poodles and muts, but nothing quite your size. Your bat-like features and skinny legs, round body and nubby tail, bug-eyes and thin, wiry hair made me think you were a pretty funky looking dog.

And then, I picked you up and it was game over.

I love your pointy little ears and the way your eyes get all huge in your sharp little face when Dad is being weird. I love the way you bark and turn in a million circles when I come in the front door or you come in from being outside. I love the way you snuggle against my chest when I pick you up and the way you chase that green squeaky pig, even though it is almost as big as you. I love the way you sit in the middle of the hallway, watching me wander about the bedroom as I get ready in the morning. I love that you nest in our pajamas when you’re on the bed and that you sit in front of the heater in the winter. I love all your quirks and oddities, all your spastic ways and I forgive you for every time you pee on the floor.

You are my Chiki-chik and I love you.

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