Daily Journey Journal #187: goodbyes, for now

From November 30, 2014

The sunrise was brilliant this morning for our goodbye. Pink clouds slashed with orange, pale yellow and hints of blue, a beautiful start to the day. We stood in the hotel lobby, hugs and kisses passed around, and then, A and I stood to wave his family out of the parking lot. The promising sky faded as the car disappeared from sight.

Now, it is grey.

The long road stretches before our loved ones. The bitter-sweetness of goodbye lingers in my mouth and pricks at my heart. Goodbyes, even for a short time, are and always have been, the hardest part of seeing relatives for me. I am filled with melancholy, as if something precious has been lost.

And so, as the clouds gather, promising snow, I curl into a chair and find ways to loose myself until I find my way back to the day to day pattern of life.

Tomorrow, a new day, a new journey.



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