Daily Journey Journal #175: interview number one

For November 18, 2014

Tuesday was my first professional job interview and goodness was that a confidence shaking experience. The interview itself was pleasant, despite my extreme nervousness. The interviewee was nice and the environment was fairly low key. However, it was the after effect of the interview that got me.

As I drove away, I started replaying all that had transpired, all that I had said in my far too fast, slightly jumbled way, and the dread hit me. You blew it! You sounded way too young and unsure. You weren’t clear enough. You didn’t think through your answers enough. You….

A great big cloud of despair settled in and by the time I got home I was feeling like an utter failure. The despair hung over me, slowing my enthusiasm for everything, especially writing cover letters and pursuing job position openings.

Now, it’s been a few days, and the air has cleared, my enthusiasm and hope have returned and I can reflect more clearly. I can tell myself that the interview probably wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was, and even if it was, it was my first interview! If nothing else, it was a good learning experience, a kind first interview.

And, now, it is time to keep looking forward, to put my all into the tasks in front of me so that the next time such an opportunity arises, I am more prepared and more confident in my ability to succeed.



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