Daily Journey Journal #174: to my parents

From November 17, 2014

Sometimes I feel like negativity is taking hold of me, especially when I am stressed. The best way I’ve found to counter this is not only to search for the positives in life, but to be grateful for them. For me, the people in my life are my greatest gift, the most positive and beautiful part of my existence. Today, I would like to give thanks to my parents.

Dear Mum, Da and J,

I wanted to pause today to tell you, thank you. The last two weeks and I’m sure in the next few weeks to come, life has been and will be very up and down. Winter, with its lack of sunlight and ridiculous temperatures can be a hard time of year for me. And, the job searching process is way more of a mental game than I was expecting, which is bringing me down a bit. 

So, I wanted to thank you for bearing with me, for letting me stay with you, for letting me use your internet and hang out at your house, for reading a billion cover letters and offering your suggestions,  for making me feel like I can accomplish anything when I feel like the world’s biggest failure, for looking out for me, for accepting me for who I am. There are so many things to thank you for that a million words couldn’t say it all. Instead, I just want you to know that you mean the world to me.  I am so lucky to have you in my life and to have the wonderful relationship we have. Each day I am thankful for you three and know that without you, I would probably be lost.





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