Daily Journey Journal #170: mindfulness

From November 13, 2014

Walking, running, standing, sitting, bending, these aren’t things I normally think about with any amount of intensity. My body simply follows my brain’s command and that’s the end of the thinking. Until today.

Unfortunately, my natural posture and way of moving is not really all that normal at all. My skeletal system beginning at my hips and going down my legs is off. Everything is oriented inwards which means that I pronate when I walk or run. Over the last year I’ve felt the consequences of this, particularly in my knees when running. So, today I visited a physical therapist friend who, among many suggestions, insisted mindfulness regarding how I orient my legs. There is nothing that can un-do the way my bones are structured, but through stretches, careful thought about leg placement and some special orthodics, I can stop my body from eventually collapsing in on itself.

So, here begins a new way of life: mindfulness about my every move. In some ways this feels exhausting already, but in others I feel more connected to myself, more aware of my body and movement. And that feels good.

Fingers crossed that over time the pain will go away so I can run freely once more!


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