Daily Journey Journal #169: a new kind of cold

From November 12, 2014

We woke this morning to sun streaming warmly though our window, pale blue skies and a balmy negative fifteen degree temperature. With a windchill of negative twenty, it was the coldest A had ever experienced, having never lived at such a high altitude so far north. Over our five years together, I’ve told A all about Wyoming winters, but knowing about it and feeling it are two very different things. There is nothing quite like having such cold toes that they hurt in the way that stepping on thousands of needles hurts.

Growing up with this sort of weather, you start to learn about what happens to things at certain temperatures. For example, snot literally freezes in your nose once it hits negative five and water thrown in the air at negative thirty can freeze before it hits the ground. Frost can form on both the inside and outside of the windshield and snow tires can make the difference between a safe, less-stressful drive across town and a horrible one that leaves your trembling from head to toe.

As we wandered around town today, I had to enjoy A’s reaction to this kind of winter. He had not believed me yesterday when I told him about freezing snot, but as we walked across downtown after dropping off the car to get snow tires, he fully understood what I meant. I just hope he continues to be enamored as we slide into full-fledged winter for the next seven…eight…nine months…Ah!


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