Old me, new me…future me?

It’s that time again: life has changed and so it’s back to the drawing board with my About Page. In the last two weeks I have moved around the world and am preparing for a new adventure in life. I am pretty excited, if not a bit intimidated about this, but ready to start down a new path. You can read about my life here. In the meantime, goodbye to KiwiBee 2013/2014.


What do non-student, non-parent adults do with their time?

I started asking myself this question a couple of months ago. Having recently finished university, I spent the first 7 months of freedom reading and taking pictures when I wasn’t working. But, being the busy bee that I am, the novelty of whizzing through a novel a week had worn off. And, exploring my new home in Yeosu, South Korea just was not that thrilling in the grey chill of winter. What to do, what to do.

The need to create something, put my mind, energy, story starts and photos to use reached a peak and I needed a space to play. A blog seemed like the ideal answer and it has done more than simply keep me busy. I have found a new, varied, energetic global community, full of stories and I am loving it!

This blog is my play space for me to share my creative side. Photography and writing are two of my intense passions along with running, hiking, reading, yoga, traveling and drinking coffee are various coffee shops. Currently I am an English teacher at a private academy on the southern coast of South Korea. Teaching requires an incredible amount of creativity and I’ve found that the more I let my imagination play outside of school, the more alive it is in the classroom.

Originally, I am from Laramie, Wyoming in the western United States (for more about my hometown, check out this post). I moved to Korea in September 2013 with my significant other, A. . We are enjoying our adventure here and write about it on a blog called Korea Bound. Feel free to read about our travels there.

In the meantime, thank you for stopping by! I am happy you found my blog and would love for you to visit again. Have a great day!






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