Daily Journey Journal #163: besties

From November 6, 2014

The beautiful thing about best friends is, now matter how long its been or how different your paths have become, it is so easy to fall back into the friendship that it’s as if nothing has changed at all. After nearly a year and a half apart, my best friend from university and I reconnected, having failed rather epically at staying in contact over the long months. Those first few minutes felt odd perhaps, as we searched our minds trying to remember the million of questions and comments that we didn’t share while apart. And then, the flood gates opened and the conversation simply didn’t stop. Words, stories, memories, observations, life changes, they all poured forth, filling the conversation void and filling us with sheer joy. There is nothing like a best friend who understands you no matter where you’ve been, how many days or years have passed or what choices you’ve made.

Miss M, I love you to pieces and have missed you!


2 thoughts on “Daily Journey Journal #163: besties

    • I loved your post! It was great šŸ™‚ After so many months apart, I wasn’t sure how fast we would reconnect, but it was like magic. Friendship is one of the most beautiful things there is in life.

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