Return to Reality


That was a long fall off the virtual reality cliff. How long has it been since I posted? Obviously way, way too long!

Adventures have been had and now here it is November 2 and I find myself at my mum’s kitchen table wondering how in the world I ended up here. Nine days ago I woke up in Thailand only to fly to Vietnam before heading back to the United States a few days later after thirteen months away. From the land of elephants to the world of whizzing scooters to the vast brown wonderland of autumn in Wyoming, my senses have been thrown through a loop. Everything seems foreign, yet familiar too, as if I am dreaming. Internally, I am suspended between time zones, my body unsure of what I should be doing. Fortunately, the shock and jet lag are beginning to wear off which means it’s time to get back to blogging. Woot! I have a lot of catching up to do and apologize ahead of time for throwing you through the visual loops I’m going through as I re-visit beautiful Thailand and Vietnam and settle into life here in the western United States.

See you around!


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