Daily Journey Journal #156: list of love

From October 30, 2014

It’s been two days since returning home and I just can’t get over how different this world is from the place I have called home for the last year. While there are things I miss about Korea (especially my students) there are so many things I am loving about home that I just have to share them.

  1. being back with my family!
  2. the big, blue sky
  3. no smog
  4. the crisp breeze
  5. dogs and dog kisses and dog walks and dog cuddles and just…dogs!
  6. being able to call my best friend on the phone
  7. cheese
  8. the vastness of the open plains
  9. the mountains peaked in snow
  10. the big comfy bed at my dad’s house
  11. using an oven
  12. grocery stores (that is weird, but they are so calm and organized)
  13. cooking again
  14. the view
  15. running with my mum
  16. reading the newspaper
  17. sharing stories with my dad and step-mum
  18. showers with shower doors and super hot water
  19. wearing hoodies and wool socks
  20. the sound of the wind
  21. crunching leaves and grass
  22. a slower, calmer pace of life
  23. unpacking and feeling settled
  24. looking through pictures of our adventures
  25. Reece’s cups
  26. hanging out at my favorite coffee shop
  27. driving the car
  28. watching the season change
  29. the stars at night
  30. the coming holiday season

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