Daily Journey Journal #154: Gem City

From October 28, 2014

Some sights take your breath away. They touch you for a moment and last for eternity in your memory. For all these months away from home, one such sight has returned to me time and again, and that is the view of my hometown at night. From the mountain summit some 1,000 feet above the town, the view is like no other. Nothing has ever made me feel as at home as those city lights twinkling below the vast black sky sparkling with stars and the mountain range in the distance. It makes you feel oddly small, but comfortable in your insignificance.

After our twenty hour plane voyage home, I was looking forward to my first glimpse of the Gem City, of my sweet, sweet home. The scene was so perfect in my mind that I couldn’t wait to see it again with my eyes, to feel the breath pulled from my lungs and the smile bloom on my weary face. Twenty hours, however, is a long voyage and with nearly as many hours of no sleep, my eyes fell shut the moment we took to the highway from the airport. When I awoke, we’d already passed the city limits, the summit ten miles behind the car.

Gah! I sighed. Stupid jet lag.

Perhaps, once my jet lag is in order, I’ll venture up the pass one night, just to appreciate the sheer beauty of this land and officially say hello to my home. Until then, I will breath in every bit of clean, cool air I can and smile with joy at being back.



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