Daily Journey Journal #151: in motion

From October 25, 2014

Scooters, hundreds upon hundreds, cruise down the road, weaving together at intersections like a vast tapestry in motion. We stand on the corner, the smell of exhaust and pho, fruit and a scent unique to Vietnam filling our noses. How we will cross the road, we aren’t entirely sure. Traffic, we observe, does not stop. A, still a bit tired from his bout of food poisoning, grabs my hand and we take a step into the road, our every childhood warning about crossing the street blaring in our minds. Step by step, cautious motion forward, we cross the road, scooters and cars swerving around us in what I can only describe as an art form, like a dance. These first few moments in Vietnam have my heart pounded and my head spinning, yet my heart beats hard with excitement. A new place, a new world of wonder in which to submerge ourselves.


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