Daily Journey Journal #144: new friends

DSCN9094 Koh Tao is interesting for a number of reasons, but particularly (at least for us) because unlike the other places we have visited so far, animals like cats and dogs, are really quite friendly. While they tend to be strays, people here usually feed the dogs and cats hanging around which means that they love people! Yay! This little cat at our hotel keeps wanting to sneak inside with us and cries rather sadly when we have to leave her outside. Every time she sees us coming in the gate she tags along after us, hoping to finally slip inside.


And today, while at the beach, we made friends with this adorable little puppy. She had a hurt leg and so she sort of hop-gimped alone with us, up and down the beach. We tried to get her to stay where we found her, but she just kept following us and ended up inside a cafe with us for lunch. She was so sweet and friendly, completely unlike most of the dogs we have encountered. Several people stopped by to pet her, all old friends it seems, who have had the pleasure of her delightful company for a day.


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