Daily Journey Journal #142: words from the sea

From October 16, 2014

On the surface I’m calm, a startling turquoise you think you could never grow tired of seeing. But, let me tell you, there is so much more to me. Below my beautiful face is a world of life. Fish swim, mere inches from your sight. Grey and brown, spotted and striped, flashy colors and shimmering scales, a menagerie of beauty hidden from above. Coral and shells, rocks and plants scatter the bottom, some dusted so ever so lightly with sand and others standing out, catching the eye. Sunlight shines down, a halo of light above your head. And all around, blue in a thousand shades.

Come now, take the plunge and jump into my depths, discover my secrets.


Cool water envelopes my body and down, down I plunge, into the depths of the water. All around me is life, swimming and drifting in a beautiful harmony. Above my head a school of fish swims in perfect unison, shifting and changing direction with one mind, one smooth movement. They circle the ball of sunlight just breaking the surface of blue. I push through the water, taking in this world of mystery, eyes wide and body alert.

That jump, so full of anticipation, fear, takes me into the world of secrets, into the big blue.


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