Daily Journey Journal #140: reflections from the road

Life Tree

From October 14, 2014

The first time I set eyes on the colorful, glossy pages of National Geographic, I knew I wanted to travel the world. I couldn’t look at those photographs without wanting to climb into them; I couldn’t look at them without wanting to know how if felt to be in that place. I wanted to wander the markets, see the ruins, hear the music, get lost in the cities, smell the air, feel the ground beneath my feet. Pictures were never going to be enough.

Fate, determination and a life partner who shares the same wanderlust have made this dream of travel the reality of my life. And, I know that I am lucky for this to be true. In the last two weeks I have found myself in places I never imagined visiting, in places I never knew existed. The markets, brimming with colors, sounds, smells; ruin more beautiful and humbling than words can tell; sounds unlike any I have ever heard; the vastness of urban creation a miracle in itself; air tinted with wood smoke and food cooking, ocean and the unique hints of each place; the sandy, red dirt and roughly paved roads, they are everything I ever hoped to discover in the world beyond the plains and mountains of home. But, more than these things, my travels have also shown me so much about the world as a whole that nothing else could have taught me.

While we speak different languages, practice different faiths, and enjoy different foods we are all working toward the same things: prosperity, happiness and a life of fulfillment. In our quests for these things, we are all connected. A smile will get you further in any corner of the world than a frown, kindness is a currency we all understand and though our languages may be different, respect is one that we all share. If we can all help one another in our journeys toward the lives we hope for, then little by little we can make a difference.

I started out wanting to travel simply because of my own sense of curiosity. I wanted to see the world for myself.

Now, I travel so that I can better understand the world, and in doing so, do a better part in making it a more peaceful place.


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