Daily Journey Journal #132: invisible

After all these months of living in Korea, I’ve forgotten what it is like to overhear and understand the conversations happening around me. In my mind, everyone around me was having meaningful discussions, exchanging important words and building sturdy relationships based off said conversations. And then today I got to hear my first conversation in English and it was a hilarious reminder about the nature of so many word exchanges.

“Mommmm!” a little girl across the cafe where we stopped in for an afternoon rest was in all but tears.  “He’s pretending I’m INVISIBLE!”

Next to her one of her brothers had a pretty smug look on his face. Their mom shook her head and spoke quietly to the girl.

A and I just looked at each other and started giggling. Most of the time when people talk it isn’t for meaningful discussion but rather its the mundane words of daily routine and I have to say, I have missed overhearing such funny little snippets of people’s lives. My heart went out to the girl’s mom, as a few minutes later the little girl was crying about having to drink water and generally whining. Fingers crossed their day improved.

As for us, we are having fun listening in on the conversations as we travel around Kuala Lumpur and being able to match the words to the body language.


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