A world of wonder

From my blog about Korea and our travels 🙂

Korea Bound

The call to prayer, azan, draws us from sleep each morning. It is the first sound of humanity we hear, before the grumble of cars and grunting of buses on the road, before our fellow hostel mates begin to stir. I don’t understand the words, but the rise and fall of the mu’azzin’s voice is peaceful. In the room next to us I can hear Hassan, who works at the front desk, answering the call to prayer. His voice is low and quiet, a gentle awakening to the day. For a few minutes we lay in the dark. Our bodies are still adjusted to time in South Korea, one hour ahead of Kuala Lumpur, so we’ve been getting an early, but leisurely start to our days. When the azan drifts into silence, we crawl from bed, the first ones awake besides those hostel stayers leaving for morning flights. I drink…

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