Daily Journey Journal #128: all in the framing

Sometimes I’ve just got to trick my emotions until the intensity of the situation has ebbed away. Today that is exactly what I’m doing because this is it, our last day at school!

The days up to this point have been a roller coaster of emotions, much as today will be, but rather than feel sad about all the goodbyes (sob!) I’m going to pretend like that isn’t real. We’re just going on a little trip and will come back to see our students again. By the time our trip comes to an end almost a month from now I’ll be ready to go home and the goodbyes of today will be a sweet memory.

So, enough thinking about today. Time to think about tomorrow! The biggest adventure of my life with A so far is about to begin- a four week trip around Asia. We’ll be seeing so many beautiful sites, doing things we never thought we would do and taking the longest trip we have ever been on together. All the planning is done now, so its time to board the train to the future, breathe in the excitement of the unknown and take in the wonders of the world.

Here we go!


After today my internet access will be spotty, so I’m not sure how regularly I’ll be updating my journal here, but it will happen, probably in waves.


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