Daily Journey Journal #124: new finds

red bridge Goobongsan

Today we went on our last long hike on Goobongsan, my favorite mountain in Yeosu. There was one path that I had yet to explore and I wanted very much so to see where it went, so we headed off to the mountain. We started down a familiar path  and walked leisurely up to the point that we normally turn around and then we kept going. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny. Women were foraging the woods for chestnuts. Groups of people wandered the trails. Birds and squirrels frolicked overhead. My heart pounded from the climb over the hills and with the joy of being in the woods. As we rounded a bend in the trail a valley with a red bridge came into view. For a moment I just had to stop and take in the scene. For the most part the trails on Goobongsan have minimal infrastructure, which I love. But this scene before us, it was so beautiful. I love the contrast between the lush green trees and the standout red bridge.

It is picture perfect. Secret Bridge Goobongsan



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