Daily Journey Journal #123: begin to end

“Babe? Can you come pick me up off this shelf?”

Off the shelf?”

There are some questions I never imaged asking A and that was one of them. Wedged against the wall and the top shelf near the ceiling of our hall closet, I found my cleaning frenzy coming to a screeching halt. There was nothing to grab and while the drop to the ground wasn’t far, the floor was littered with objects just waiting to twist my ankle.

And so, there was nothing to be done but ask such a silly question. A came to the closet and looked at me with slight bewilderment. How I managed to get myself up there we aren’t entirely sure.

Now, seven hours later, our apartment is looking neater than it has ever looked with us living here and the last of our belongs have been sorted into piles: sending home and taking with us. Little by little the to do list is dwindling and things are starting to look packed. We are nearly ready, I think.

Our replacements are boarding their flights in the United States and I am starting to count down the hours until we get to meet them. The beginning of the end is really and truly here. And, I am happy to say, I am getting pretty excited about it. With the cleaning all but done (and injured ankles avoided), it’s time to write my letter of welcome and take in my last beautiful days in Yeosu. Then, it’s off to new sights, new places and new adventures.

Let the new chapter in life’s journey begin!



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