Daily Journey Journal #121: Korean bazaar

bazaar 2

The last few weeks Boss has been incredibly kind and generous with us. There has been no nit picking, no calling people out in meeting, no general rudeness. Instead, he’s offered compliments, asked for and accepted our opinions, and given us coffee and other treats simply for the sake of it. It seems silly to be so happy about this, but I am! It is nice not fear (at least so much) going to work and running into him. bazaar 1

Part of me thinks he has turned over a new leaf and realized the nicer he is, the happier we are (for example, he seems to have discovered that if he wants our input and smiles in meeting, coffee is the key). The other part of me thinks that he is acting differently due to the timing of things. We have just one week left, so he sees the light at the end of the tunnel regarding our employment. Additionally, I am in contact almost daily with the new teachers, which he is aware of so he is trying to keep us happy for fear that I would say something negative to them ( but, I’m not that kind of person!). If I had to guess, I would say maybe all of these things are factoring in to his behavior change, but regardless of the reason, it is much appreciated.

Today, in following along the vein of kindness, Boss called us the three foreign teachers out of class around six and asked us to come down to the park where he was waiting. Earlier in the day I had passed through the park and seen men setting up chairs and a stage for some sort of event, so I was unsurprised when we arrived and the whole around was a beehive of activity. Police officers stood around the border of the park, a woman was singing on the stage, several ladies were making and serving pajeon (a Korean savory pancake) and bossam (tofu with kimchi), and crowds were sitting in rows watching the stage and resting at tables, munching on their delicious purchases. Boss introduced us to a man then took us to buy pajeon and bossom. We all sat together, eating and watching the hubbub.

bazaar 3The event is a yearly bazaar, he said. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I think of a bazaar, but it was interesting nonetheless. Koreans as a whole love to sing more than any other culture I have lived in so it was fun to watch the performers and crowds get into the music. We have been isolated from these sort of cultural experiences so I was glad that we got to experience one more before we left. As we rose to leave, Boss bought two more pajeons for us to bring back to the Korean teachers and we parted ways with a smile.

Now, only one week left. Fingers crossed attitudes stay positive. And, fingers crossed that this change in Boss will last so that the new teachers can have a year as wonderful as our last month has been.


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