Daily Journey Journal #114: leaping streams

Boxes are en route to the United States. Our dresser and closet, the bookshelf beside the bed, they’re all looking empty and a tad bit forlorn. Empty, rattling drawers. Hangers with no clothes. Shelves only scattered with books.

Little by little we are prying ourselves out of our life here and sending it homeward.

We are two weeks out from our last day teaching and the start of our next adventure in life. Just ten days left with our students. Fourteen days left in the place we’ve called home this year. And after that, who knows what will happen. We are certain about nothing except that the next year will be full of changes.

In many ways it feels like I am standing at the edge of a wide river with the intent to leap over it. The nervous excitement of the leap bubbles in my stomach. My legs are warm with anticipation, ready to jump off the ground hard. All I need now is the last push that sends me into the air with the hope that I won’t land midstream.

And that push, it is coming, ready to pick me up and carry me onward into life’s next chapter.


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