Daily Journey Journal #112: mosquito feast

Ah, the darkness of night. So calming. Mmmm.  Maybe just rest here…Wait, what’s that smell?

Oh, it’s heavenly. Mmmmm. The most delicious smell.  I simply must taste it. Yes, just a small bite. Mmmmm. And another. Goodness, should slow the pace.

Ok, ok. Rest a minute. Don’t want a stomachache.

Maybe just one more bite? Mmmm.



Oops. That turned into more than a bite. Mmmm.

Rest again. So full! Maybe that should be all for now. It’s late, time to just head out the…one more bite and then out the door. Mmmmmmm.

Ok, three more bites. Whew. So full now. Could practically burst. Rest now. Couldn’t move if…


Steve looked down at his hand with satisfaction.

“Got it,” he said and grabbed a tissue, then climbed back in bed.



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