Daily Journey Journal #108: TGIF

Three minutes to go. Two minutes. One minute. Seventeen seconds…

The students bolt from the classroom and I follow in the wake of their enthusiasm. It’s Friday night which means one thing: it’s time for food, fun and some relaxation. Maybe we’ll get some jjigae (soup) tonight…

The last few months A and I have had a sort of standing Friday night dinner outing with a good friend and it is the best possible way to start the weekend. We meet up, get some food, usually head out for ice cream and just chat the evening away. There is no better way to blow off some steam and let go of the stressors from the week.

The hours fly by. Jjigae was fantastic, the ice cream delicious and the conversation nonstop. How fast time passes and how little time of it we all have left together. In two weeks our friend will be heading out for the next grand adventure in her life and we will follow suit a week later. I’ll miss so much about us all living in the same town, but especially our weekend adventures and dinner outings. There is so much to be said for a good friend and making one such as her was completely unexpected in this sort year abroad. TGIF and thank goodness for great friends.


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