Daily Journey Journal #106: reset

Hours traveling. Hours in crowds. Hours with strangers and close friends alike.

Beautiful sites. Beautiful days. Beautiful memories.

But now, it’s time to reset.

Time for some quiet. Time for some solitude. Time to find yourself again among the memories, words, ideas, days of late.

Order some coffee. Claim the corner table. Plug in the headphones and there you are, in your own quiet world. Unwind the mind. Let the thoughts flow, as words, as ideas, as fragments. Clear out the spaces of your mind. Pour over the memories brimming with the wonders of travel, the beauty of friendship, the joy of being alive. Write whatever comes to mind. Clear, purposeful sentences. Fragments of poems. Lines of description.

In these few short hours of solitude, you can do anything, be anything. Rest now and reset, then go forth into the world around you.


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