Daily Journey Journal #101: Last Hurrah!

This weekend is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, holiday in Korea. Chuseok, often referred to as Korea’s Thanksgiving, is the time when people return to their hometowns to visit family and pay respects to ancestors. For foreigners, it is a great chance to travel around the country before the arrival of winter. And, for us, it is our last chance to really travel around Korea.

So, tomorrow we are heading back to beach town of Busan, where we spent a fabulous weekend in June, before heading to the historical town of Gyeongju to see sites from the Silla Dynasty (57 BC-935AD). It will be a fast trip, but one full of adventure and fun, especially with the beautiful weather we’ve been having.

Now, fingers crossed the buses don’t turn me green! Happy Chuseok! I’ll be back late next week with new pictures and stories to share. Have a great weekend!



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