Daily Journey Journal # 94: the love of music

Music is one of my most favorite things in the whole world. When it comes to actually playing a musical instrument, I am dreadful at it, but listening to music endlessly, that I can do. Most of the time, regardless of what I am doing, there is music playing in the background. I love having its companionship as I write, cook, edit pictures, read, clean, breathe…

Just as I am addicted to listening to music, I become equally addicted to particular songs. Currently, I am quite attached to Shake it Off (Taylor Swift). For some reason, the music aspect (lyrics aside) sets part of me free and makes me want to dance around. I love how much a song can make my spirit soar and bring a smile to my face.

Like with my newest addiction, some songs just pull me in, capture me in the emotion and atmosphere of their beat, lyrics, melody. When that happens, I absolutely must listen to the song over and over, which usually ends up driving the people I live with batty (my bad!). When I am addicted to a song, each time it ends feels like I’m falling out of a piece of perfection and I want more than anything to return there.

So, I push replay and listen again.

I let myself fall headlong into the music and exist alongside the notes.


And again.

The beat becomes my heartbeat, the notes my thoughts and the melody my soul.

And replay, one more time.


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