Daily Journey Journal #93: to a new school year

This is my second year now of not beginning school in August and I must say, I am still getting used to it. In so many ways I miss how this time of year was marked by the start of the semester and all that came with a new academic year. New school supplies, new teachers, an empty brain just waiting for new things to fill it. Thinking about it all still fills me with the same nervous excitement that got me every year from the time I was in elementary school through university.

In honor of school starting, my top ten favorite things about the commencement of the new academic year:

1. The anticipation of a new school year, all the unknowns about to be discovered and how those things will shape the year ahead

2. Being a student athlete, going to practice everyday after school and competing every week

3. New notebooks, books, pens, pencils all holding so much potential in their frehsness

4. The start of a new schedule and the way that schedule made the days and weeks flow so clearly

5. Meeting my teachers, my first impressions of their personalities and teaching styles

6. Planners, planners, planners…the ridiculously organized part of my self loves the way life looks when its listed in a planner (while the spontaneous side of me is totally repulsed)

7. The effort everyone puts into those first days, into looking nice, acting nice and being interested

8. The energy of the first few days, fueled by excitement and curiosity

9. Reading the syllabi and finding out all the awesome things we’ll be learning over the year

10. Walking into each classroom for the first time, breathing it all in and taking in the spaces that will shape how I learn and interpret the information shared with us


Happy start of the school year!


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