Daily Journey Journal #91: perfect time

Warm golden sunlight streaming through the front window, casting the shadow of the trees onto the living room carpet. The sky is no longer blue, but a lighter, more yellow tint that seems to set everything  aglow. It is four thirty on a fall day, the most perfect, beautiful time of day all year. I sit in the window watching the leaves sway on their branches, smiling as I soak in the sunlight, letting its perfection wash over me as it paints the street with hues of nostalgia.

It has been many years now since I have sat in those windows, lived in that house, seen that view, and still it stays with me. Those few short days of autumn, before the snows, before the trees turn to sticks and the sun falls to sleep so early are my favorite time of year, and the hour before the sun sets is my favorite time. I love the colors, the warmth and comfort of the light, the way life seems to feel more peaceful in those moment. Perhaps it is the fleeting nature of those moments that makes me love them all the more.

Their rarity makes them all the more special.



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