Daily Journey Journal #84: lost in the storm

Some days it feels like I have lost sight of myself, at least temporarily. Great clouds of negativity and anxiety build up, growing and growing until  I can not longer clearly see my own reflection. Such clouds start as mere wisps, a frustration perhaps or a comment said in ill taste. Those wisps inflate, filled with drops of complaints and unhappiness until they are storm clouds. Today, those storm clouds rolled in, leaving me internally, emotionally heavy, saturated with self dissatisfaction.

As the rain pours from the clouds outside the window, my storm clouds begin to cry, letting go off all those dark drops until they become clear, clean. I still cannot see my reflection but as the storm plays out, I know it will become clearer. I will find myself again, feel safe in who I am and know again those things that make me the person I am. My foundation of self-worth will become solid again, washed clean and compacted after the storm.

Until then, it is time to listen to the rains and breathe, to let go and just let myself be one with the world around me. Sometimes, it seems, I just have to get lost in the storm to fully appreciate myself and this life I call my own.


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