Daily Journey Journal #82: bucket list for Korea

The countdown has officially begun, marked in red pen on the calendar. Just over seven weeks left in Korea before we say goodbye. Already my heart and mind have begun to shifted their focus, resting happily on our upcoming travels and being reunited with our families. The excitement of these things has blocked out the sadness I will feel when I say goodbye and it is making me wish that it were a month from now rather than August.

Yet, we still have seven whole weeks left. Seven.

I do not want to wait these weeks by, hoping they pass quickly, for when I return home I will regret having done so instead of doing something with my remaining time here, in this home away from home. So, I’ve decided that a bucket list is necessary so I can make the most of my next few weeks without wishing them by. As it happens, there are several things I would really like to do before we leave.

So, here it is, my bucket list for the next seven weeks.

Korea Countdown Bucket List

  1. Return to Busan for some fun with friends and time on the beach in the warm weather.
  2. Do a temple stay one weekend.
  3. Visit the temple again on Goobongsan.
  4. Run a race, either 5K or 10K (if possible and the dates work out).
  5. Visit Nagan Folk Village one more time, as the first visit in the stupor of jet lag is mostly a blur.
  6. Go to Gwangju for one more girls’ day.
  7. Visit the National Palace in Seoul.

Seven things for seven weeks. Perfect, perfect. I must appreciate every second of my time here before it is gone and is nothing more than a memory. Here is to having seven more weeks to make memories to last a lifetime.


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