Daily Journey Journal #79: death comes at dawn

Death comes around calling for me. Sharp raps on the wooden door. He is no stranger, frequenting me, begging a quick word. And always I know, he lies, waiting to snatch me. So away from the door I have turned.

Death came knocking on my door this morning. Sharp raps on the wood door. This time I do not turn away. I hesitate for only a moment, then open my door to his waiting grasp. And into it I willingly go.

The door shuts behind me.

A gun shot at dawn.


Let us remember today all those who have left this world too soon, so that they will never be forgotten, so that their struggles will never be forgotten. Perhaps from their stuggles we can learn how better to help each other through the rough patches in the road and save one another from such lonely places.

RIP Robin Williams


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