Daily Journey Journal #76: getting started

Eight weeks.

Eight short weeks and we will be leaving Korea. It feels like we have about a billion and one things to do before we leave, the most important of these being see a few more places in Korea, decide the exact plans for our trip, pack up our lives here, figure out how to send home giant suitcases, and then make a plan for life once we are back in the states.

That last thing, the what to do in real life, has me feeling a bit anxious. It is a small part of why we came to Korea right after graduation- figuring out what to do sounded really intimidating. And, it still does. So often we hear and are told how bad the job market is, how hard it is to find a job, how to expect to be turned down a depressing number of times. Thus, a huge sense of dread rains down on me whenever I think about job hunting. The pressure, the questioning, the trying to prove you are a super-awesome, totally perfect match for a job makes me feel rather ill. So, I’ve been dragging my feet a bit in the whole preparing resumes, cover letters and writing samples department.

Prior to leaving the US I had two jobs that I absolutely loved but which I was hired for by word of mouth and not a formal hiring process. As such, putting together employment materials is rather new to me. It all seems very complicated. So, I started out a couple of weeks ago by  searched through my files for writing samples, but stopped at that, the panic creeping in a bit too strongly. And then yesterday happened. The clear air had me feeling focused and determined, and the breeze blowing through the apartment reminded me of home. I got back from the coffee shop and decided that it was time to face my resume.

After reading through a dozen examples, examining my past resumes and reading through a couple more samples, I set to work, trying to create a general resume that I can easily adapt. My efforts went to good use, I think, but I still feel as if the resume doesn’t really show who I am. It is structured and focused, which is part of my personality, yes, but its straight forward layout and black and white design is lacking the color and quirkiness of me. It feels like something is missing and I’m not sure how to fix that.

So, to the list of things to do in the next eight weeks I might add: make my resume reflect me!

But, at least for now I have gotten started and now the ball is rolling. The hardest part is over and it’s onto figuring out a real life plan. Woot! New adventures, here I come.



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