Daily Journey Journal #75: clarity

Today started out like any average Saturday, with me waking up slightly later than anticipated and aiming to Goobongsan. Tea, breakfast, run, that was the plan. As I set the kettle on the stove I happened to look out the back door which we left open last night to catch the breeze passing through.  From my kitchen I could see the hotel along the main road, which was still being repaired after the typhoon last week. Rays of sunshine were highlighting the apartments in the distance. The apartments butted up against the trees on the mountain side.

I froze.

Trees. I could see individual trees on the mountain. And they were deep, deep green, speckled with spring hues from the sun spotting through the clouds.

clear yeosudong

Yeosudong, my neighborhood, from Goobongsan.

As much as I hate to say it, Yeosu is generally pretty smoggy. We have gotten so used to it that usually we do not notice it unless we climb to the mountain top where we can see the layer of haze. I, however, didn’t really realize the extent of the haze until this morning when I saw those trees. Most days the mountain is just a greenish blur, its tops and sides slightly fuzzy, its colors muted by pollution and the details of the trees lost in the murk. I could not quite believe how clear everything was, and how simply beautiful.

My run on Goobongsan was equally as breath-taking. The colors of the trees and flowers seemed to pop, their vibrancy overwhelming my senses with joy. When I arrived at the overpass looking down on the harbor, I simply had to stop. Far out at sea I could see islands that I have never seen before, despite taking in this view multiple times a week for the last few months. I could see the details of the buildings around downtown, the individual rails on the bridge going to Dolsan island, the exact number of ships coming into the harbor. All of it was so amazing. It felt as if I have had a film over my eyes these last few months and now I can see clearly again.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.


The harbor on a normal day.

clear harbor

The harbor today. You can see so far out to sea.


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