Daily Journey Journal #69: internal storms

From August 3, 2014

Guilt roars up, a black wave threatening to overturn the ship, Well-Being. Splashes of anxiety and frustration, malcontent and irritation have already spilled over the rails, soaking Happiness and Wonder to the bone. They ask when this storm will abate. They grow weary of this grey, damp life and look toward their responsibility. Responsibility, normality, life in the form of the joyful, bright, happy students who will be waiting tomorrow.

The captain sighs. This ship won’t be at harbor, not tomorrow morning, he says.

Guilt climbs higher, regret on its heels.

Just twenty-four hours more, the captain promises the downtrodden passengers.Twenty-four hours. One day more in this wet world and then you’ll be back in the classroom, away from the wet lashes of the dark sea. Clearer waters are ahead, just hang in there, he says.


2 thoughts on “Daily Journey Journal #69: internal storms

  1. I thought this image was great: “soaking Happiness and Wonder to the bone.” Because when your sense of wonder starts to fail then you know you’re in trouble…

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