Daily Journey Journal #68: to Nakri, with displeasure

From August 2, 2014

Dear Nakri,

I am writing to on behalf of all the stranded travelers in Jeju. We wish to inform you that your presence here is most unappreciated.

Under most circumstances I am not a confrontational person, but, on this personal note, I simply must tell you, you are a most unfortunate presence in my life. I mean really, all this wind? And the rain? What are we supposed to do? You’ve successfully cancelled all transportation, delayed plans and forced that majority of the population indoors, not to mention shredded countless umbrellas. Really smashing job you’ve done.

I hope you are happy because we most definitely are not.

Next time I ask that you please reconsider your path. Perhaps somewhere uninhabited?

With displeasure,

Home-bound Travelers


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