Daily Journey Journal #65: ferry travel

From July 30, 2014

Giggling children. Crinkling snack wrappers. Snores hovering in warm air.

Through the water we cruise, drifting to our daydreams, the ocean’s lullaby filling our ears. Adventure awaits, unknown paths to be tread and new sights to take in. As we pass above the depths of the sea, I say a quiet prayer that we arrive safely. Let there not be another incident. Let the correct measures be taken. Keep us safe.

Halfway out from the mainland I wake from my slumber on the floor and I say a prayer for those young souls lost in the waves but a few short months ago. They too were eager for their arrival on the island’s sunny shores. Thrills awaited them, memories to be made and bonds of friendship to be reforged in the fires of adventure. I pray that their last hours were filled with the sounds I hear now.





Sleepy breathing.

And waves lapping ever so gently.


I pray that those sounds carried them on to the next adventure into the unknown.


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