Daily Journey Journal #57: in the stars

I’ve never been one much for reading the newspaper, especially from front to back. Rather, I prefer to pursue the sections, read headlines, check out the pictures, skim a few stories and maybe read a couple articles all the way through. As much as I would love to be the sort of person who reads the news daily, I simply cannot because it makes me too depressed. Sucking in stories about bombings, murders and political debates is the least positive way I can think of starting the day, and so I avoid it.  Nonetheless, I miss getting a newspaper every morning.

It’s been years now since I regularly had a newspaper at my disposal, the last time being when I was in high school. Every morning, over our breakfasts of sugar coated cereal and toast, my brother and I would silently battle for the comics page. Whoever lost the battle (usually me) spent the next ten minutes irritatedly scanning the other pages. As soon as I had the comics page in hand, I would read my top favorite cartoons (Garfield, Baby Blues, and Zits) then jump down to Dear Abby and a section called In Your Stars to read my daily horoscope. Astrological signs and horoscopes, fate and destiny weren’t really things we talked about or gave much thought to in my family. As such, I approached my horoscope with much skepticism (yet pleasure as well) , despite the fact that I was constantly being surprised at how well those two sentences in the newspaper were true to my day. Part of me wondered if by simply reading the horoscope I had worked to shape my day to its likeness.

The older I’ve become, however, the more I’ve realized how much the natural world influences me. The weather, for instance, impacts my emotions in a serious way and so I have to wonder if perhaps  the stars and my zodiac sign do shape me in some way. I know that many people follow the stars devotedly and believe in their horoscopes, but until tonight I had never explored what my zodiac sign says about me. Interestingly, the characteristics were just about spot on:

  • love to talk/loves conversation (yes!)
  • information gatherer (yes!)
  • fickle (yes!)
  • loves to share information (yes!)
  • needs/forms/develops strong relationships (yes!!)
  • restless (yes!)
  • wishy-washy (yes!)
  • multi-tasker (yes!)
  • flexible/ goes with the flow (yes!)
  • energetic (yes!)
  • flirtatious (mmm…Ask A??)
  • memory keepers (yes!)
  • natural at sports (no, no, no!)
  • appear  youthful (yes!)

Do you follow your horoscope? What does your zodiac sign say about your character?


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