Daily Journey Journal #52: stress reliever

I am one of those people that is easily stressed out by things like online purchases (especially of plane tickets), credit card issues and planning for travel. A approaches such things in a level headed manner and remembers to breathe calmly when the credit card is denied or the travel plans go astray. I, on the other hand, start hyperventilating and feel like it is the end of the world. Fortunately for me, when it comes to issues involving credit cards and buying plane tickets, my bank has my back.  Right now, I just have to pause everything I’m doing and thinking to say, I love my bank. As on so many other occasions, it really came through for me tonight and I have to praise their dedication, timeliness and professionalism. In the last six years I have flown to Africa and France, traveled all around Europe, moved to South Korea, and visited Japan and never once have I been left hanging because of trouble with my credit card. In a few months I will be traveling around Asia before returning to the United States and once again, the bank saved me from so much undue stress and frustration. The little hiccup buying tickets tonight was resolved in two quick calls and five minutes of waiting. And, as of ten minutes ago, we have our first tickets for our adventure. Malaysia, here we come! (well…in eleven weeks).

Now, if I can just remain this calm throughout the rest of the planning process, we’ll be set!


4 thoughts on “Daily Journey Journal #52: stress reliever

  1. Thank you so much for putting your experience into words. It warms our hearts to know we helped. It was our pleasure and we are happy you’re a part of our credit union. We wish you safe travels and stress-free planning!

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