Daily Journey Journal #47: me and the moon

I am one of those people for whom the weather plays an essential role in influencing mood and emotions. When the sun shines, I wake up with a smile, without even knowing yet that the sun is out. When it rains, my body knows. My mood folds back on itself, becomes reclusive, reluctant. Smiles are harder to come by. In so many ways, this can be frustrating. I am trying my absolute hardest to enjoy the dreary days, but I am not winning the battle so far. I survive the days more than thrive in them.

Tonight, as the beautiful day shrank away into mist, fog and rain spittle, I couldn’t stop my heart from falling. I found myself sympathizing with the moon, who has been so cruelly hidden away in all its fullness glory. And so, I wrote a haiku-inspired poem for the moon.

Moon CaptureFog creeps in at night,

Obscuring the starry sky,

Hiding the moonlight.

The swirling clouds

Dampen my face with cool tears

From the weeping moon.


Fog creeps in at night,

Dampening my face with tears.

For the low, low clouds

Hiding the moonlight,

Obscuring the starry sky,

Make me grieve for the moon.

Together, we weep.



One thought on “Daily Journey Journal #47: me and the moon

  1. Great picture and a great Haiku. My moods are also deeply affected by the weather and the moon. The moon was beautiful last night and I just stood in the moonlight.

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