Daily Journey Journal #46: swimmingly

It’s Friday! Friday, FRIDAY, Friday!! I am so thrilled about that. The week somehow managed to fly by yet seem impossibly long. Monday feels like it is so far away now that I can’t even remember what happened. Happily, I don’t need to remember and the work week ended positively, so I have nothing to worry about until next Monday. Whew! Big sigh of relief.

Besides the fact that it is Friday and the start of the weekend, it was additionally a swimmingly perfect day for so many reasons.

1. I woke up this morning to another lovely, glorious, sunny, beautiful day and not only that, but I managed to pull myself out of my sleepy stupor in enough time to get out to enjoy it before going to work early.

2. It was back to the trails for me on my run this morning. Because of the torrential rain earlier this week, the trails were soaked pretty thoroughly until today. While a few spots were still slick with mud, the majority of the trails were dry-ish (humidity, as I have rather recently discovered, prevents anything outside from truly being dry).

3. Running wasn’t painful! I’ve been running on the streets when it rains and it causes me so much pain that in some ways it isn’t the best idea. As soon as I hit the dirt today though, my muscles and bones relaxed so I got to stay out for much longer than I expected.

4. This morning I discovered a new way to make cinnamon lattes. A and I have a little French Press for fulfilling our caffeine needs at home and use it to make faux lattes (aka add almond milk to the brewed coffee). Usually, I brew the coffee and pour it in a jar with almond milk then top it off with cinnamon. This morning I added the cinnamon to the coffee before brewing, brewed the coffee, added it to iced almond milk and viola! A cinnamon infused iced latte. The effect was fantastic!

5. My new classes were great today. The two new students are so interesting. They are sisters who were born in Korea and moved to Kazakhstan last July where they attend an American school. Their English is really amazing and they had a lot to share about their lives over the last year. I learned that Kazakhstan and my home state of Wyoming really aren’t so different when it comes to weather and scenery.

6. My early afternoon class was cancelled so I got to come home to eat lunch before going back to work for six hours.

7. We went to our favorite restaurant for dinner and despite the summer heat, I had my favorite Korean soup called Sundubu Jjigae. It is a spicy tofu soup with mushrooms, zucchini and clams or other seafood.

What a great start to the weekend! I hope your day went just as swimmingly and that the weekend is fabulous.

Happy Friday and happy weekend!



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