Daily Journey Journal #45: Frame of Mind

Often times I see emotions, words and other random things as a series of colors and textures. The word melancholy, for instance, is streaks of white and grey blended together smoothly so that the colors shift back and forth over an endless space, while the word happy is bright yellow, like wet sunbeam paint, that seems to overflow from a bowl. The word dog is milk chocolate brown and looks like shag carpet; pain is electric green in thin lines that swirl around and around into millions of tornadoes; day is short, black vertical lines. Not every word has a color-texture visual in my head, just some of them. Emotions, however, all have a color-texture visual for me.

Yesterday, if I were to have cast my emotions onto canvas, it would have looked like the word melancholy; sad, grey, lifeless. Today, however, is a completely different story. I woke up to sunshine, a blue sky and a warm breeze blowing off the coast. What could be more beautiful  after the days and days of rain?! Nothing, nothing, nothing! My emotional canvas today would look like the word happy, with fine splatters of orange and red paint layered ever so subtly over the top; thick, vertical strokes of deep, emerald green paint  along the bottom; flowers made from fat blue petals around a pinpoint brown and purple centers; and various cute insects (butterflies, bees, ladybugs and the like) here and there. Today, the return of summer was my mood. I felt alive again, energetic, bright, cheery and my emotional canvas would say the same.

I hope your day is/was as fabulously lovely as it was for me!


5 thoughts on “Daily Journey Journal #45: Frame of Mind

      • Get yourself some colored pencils and some paper. I bet you could do a great job with those too. Ha! I need to take my own advice. I have been feeling the itch to be creative. I need to get to it. 😀

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