Daily Journey Journal #44: Inspirational Blogger Award


Last week during a particularly stressful and exhausting day at work I happened to glimpse at my blog reader during a short break and noticed a new comment waiting for me. That comment, from Ronovan at RonovanWrites, changed my whole day. He had just nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I was and am so happily surprised by this nomination. Ronovan is a fantastic writer and to be nominated by him is an amazing honor and compliment. Thank you so much Ronovan for the nomination and all the encouragement in your comments.

Award Guidelines

1.Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you.
2.List the rules and display the award.
3.Share seven facts about yourself.
4.Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated
5.Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

I’m going to share my facts in a journal-style, and as such, I apologize ahead of time for the continued discussion of rain. Rain is playing heavily into my life right now.

Seven true facts about me (as of this moment)

  1. Running is my magical remedy for almost anything. As I mentioned in a previous post, a typhoon is raging somewhere close to where I live in Korea and it has brought on an onslaught of rain, grey, fog and wet. Running, while more difficult and less appealing in the rain, has become even more essential for me during the last few days of melancholy weather as it supplies me with smiles, happiness and endorphins, all of which make me a more positive person. Today was the first day I was able to get out to run in a small window of relative dryness since the weekend and it was much needed.
  2. I detest rainy, grey weather. And I mean, detest it! While it can make me feel more inspired and creative, I have to battle the depression that sets in after three days without full sunshine. Today is day four of such weather and it has been a rocky day emotionally.
  3. I love drinking coffee out of glass jars. There is something so simply marvelous, so comforting in drinking that bitter brew of energy while the heat slips through the glass and into my hands. It makes me feel calmer, more open to the things happening in life (even the rain) and relaxing. Sipping coffee in a glass jar allows me to just slow down and think.
  4. I love stories about India. Ever since I was a little kid I have wanted to visit India and while I have not made it there yet, I hope to one day to visit the colorful world of the novels I love so dearly. Yesterday I spent the majority of the morning  escaping to the India captured in the pages of The Mango Season, by Amulya Malladi, while it dumped rain outside.
  5. New things are addicting to me.  Especially when they aren’t things I have previously considered doing. The idea of starting something new or doing something out of the ordinary fills me with such excitement that I want to stop everything else in my life to do that thing. In this moment I am filled with a sense of excitement because I found out today that we will have our first vacation at the end of the month. A and I are seriously considering going to Taiwan to meet up with a friend and now I am so excited that I just want to buy a ticket and hop on a plane right now. What could be better than a trip?!
  6. Fog is fascinating. Maybe it was growing up in a place that rarely saw fog, but I love watching the clouds creep down the mountainside or hover around the top. Yeosu is right on the coast and yet it is mountainous which means that on any given day, rain or shine, there is a strong chance of fog playing on the hillside. (And, to find a positive of this typhoon, there has been some awesome fog watching the last few days).
  7. Honesty is inspiring. Sometimes being truthful, especially about how I feel, is difficult for me. I am always torn between wanting to tell the truth, yet remain tactful and keep all those around me happy. Often I will bite my tongue instead of saying how I feel or telling my honest opinion, Being honest makes me feel lighter and likewise, I love when people are honest about themselves, especially about what is happening with them on a personal level.



Recently I have begun to follow so many new blogs and I have not yet had time to explore all of them. As such, I will start my nomination list tonight but add to it at a later date!

  1. Writing in Whispers ~ Oyinkan Braithwaite is an amazing writer and her blog is full of inspiration, from her stories to her poems to her fantastic how-to posts. I like her voice and the energy in her writing.
  2. Because I can… ~ Pavanneh writes with such an honest, unique voice that reading her work is a true pleasure. She is an incredible part of my blogging community and I enjoy our conversations here and there.
  3. Millie Anne Lowe ~ Several weeks ago MillieAnne started a series of short stories called The Serial Killer of Bush Street which I have become addicted to. She is a fabulous storyteller and a master at hooking readers.
  4. Lyrallya ~ Lyrallya’s 365 Day Journal Challenge was the inspiration for my own 365 journal challenge. I like seeing her posts pop into the reader every day and the way her journal entries mesh with the other lovely content on her blog.
  5. A Girls with a lot of Gut ~Leslie has already been nominated for the award and while I am just now beginning to explore her blog, my first impression left me in awe. Her honesty, openness, and the community she is building are beautiful.
  6. Eden’s Captures ~She has such gorgeous photography and I love the layout of her blog.It is quite visually stunning.
  7. Food Like Cake ~ What could be better than a blog full of amazing, mouth-watering baking recipes complete with beautiful pictures? I can’t wait to have an over to try out some of Chloe’s recipes.


For now, I am going to sign off as it is nearly 1 a.m.! Thank you again to Ronovan and to all the amazing bloggers out there that I am so fortunate to have met, connected with or stumbled upon.




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