Daily Journey Journal #40: mud crabs

The count down until our departure from Korea has unofficially begun and as such, we are trying to fit as many weekend trips in as we possibly can. Today we decided to go to a nearby wetland conservation area called Suncheon Bay. It was the first wetland conservation area in Korea and as far as we understood, it is one of the top five in the world and understandably so. Tall whispering shafts of grass, boardwalks, crabs, goggled-eyed goby fish, water, mud and the mountains rising behind it all.  The views were gorgeous and we loved watching the crabs and goby fish play. Luckily for us too it was the perfect day- cloudy but warm, the rain held at bay and a gentle breeze to battle the humidity. This week for Everyday Trifles I’ll be posting more from our trip, but for now, here is one of the great moments we had with the crabs in the mud.

Suncheon Bay mud crabAnd, before I go, I just have to say, AWWW! Crabs are so cute! I mean, look at this one’s eyes! How can you not love that silly look on its little crabby face?!

I never thought I would find myself adoring crabs, but after today, I can safely say, I do in fact adore them.

See you tomorrow!



3 thoughts on “Daily Journey Journal #40: mud crabs

  1. “How can you not love that silly look on its little crabby face?!” Yep, it is a great pic and he does look like a rascal, but I can just hear him saying “Actually, this is my most serious face! What on earth are you talking about??”

    • Hehehe I can hear it saying that too! The Korean name for these crabs translates to Thief Crab because they sneak into houses along the shore and steal food, which combined with that face makes me laugh. I just imagine waking up in the middle of the night and turning on the light to see that face looking at me while it raids the cupboard. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Korea Bound and commented:
    Here is a blip from our latest trip! This week I will write more about our time at Suncheon Bay, but in the mean time I’ll be posting about last weekend’s voyage to Jeonju.

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