Daily Journey Journal #38: weekly momentos

Well, this week has been quite a week to be sure and I must say, I am so HAPPY that it is Friday. The last two days have been a bit rough at work. Thankfully, I have the next two days to recover! Despite it being a trying few days, there were a few beautiful moments layered into each day. It seems that there is always a gem to find, no matter how rough the outside.

Monday~ Maybe we need to work on compliments?

When I walked into my first class, one of the boys immediately looked at me.

“Teacher, you is pre…y,” he said, trailing off at the end.

The other students looked at him then at me.

Me, completely caught off guard: “What?”

The girl sitting next to him elbowed him and whispered rather loudly, “HANDSOME!”

Boy student: “Oh. Teacher, you is handsome.”

Me: “Erm…thank you?” I’m taking that as a compliment!


Tuesday ~ Running on coffee…candy

Tuesday was hot and humid, a storm brewing ever so subtly in the distance, but I decided to go running nonetheless. Up to the trails I went, wilting in the heat. As I turned onto one of my favorite trails, I came upon a woman and slipped past her before she even really noticed I was there. I went out the trail to a four-way split then turned around to head back the way I had come. As I came out of the woods I passed by the same woman again, but this time she was ready for me. When I went by she held out a coffee candy to me and smiled before continuing on, her radio humming into the trees. I was so surprised I barely had a chance to pant thank you before there was too much distance between us. I am often so touched by the unexpected kindness of strangers here.


Wednesday ~ Holly Golly

Some days just have to be play days, especially after working so hard on tests and presentations. On Wednesday one of my classes convinced me to spend half the class playing Holly Golly, which I had never played. They did a great job of explaining it to me and we had a blast dinging the bell. Playing the game allowed us to blur the teacher-student barrier a bit and just be friends for a while, which was nice.


Thursday ~ Day #2 of rain

Fog drifted over the hills, draping across the mountains all morning, like dust sheets across stored furniture. The contrast between the deep green of the forest and the shifting white clouds was completely gorgeous, a scene impossible to truly capture anywhere except in memory.


Friday~ Misty steps

Rain was still falling when I woke up this morning. Normally, I abhor running/walking/existing in the rain, but after two days of being cooped up inside the apartment, I couldn’t take it any more. When I got outside, the rain had shifted to a fine mist that gently covered and cooled my face while I jogged along be-puddled streets. It was incredibly peaceful and a very welcome change from the oppressing humidity of the last few weeks. Perhaps I will get used to the rain?? I am remaining hopeful and positive about this!


Happy Friday! And, Happy Fourth f July to everyone in the USA. Enjoy the fireworks, BBQs, watermelon and festivities!



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