Daily Journey Journal #37: weekly gratitide

gratitudeFor today’s I would like to pause the flow of thoughts and craziness in life to express my gratitude to several bloggers who have made my week wonderful. The blogging community is full of positive, encouraging, inspiring individuals and I am fortunate to have met you all. Thank you for such inspiring posts, positive words of encouragement, interesting pieces of work and for creating such an uplifting atmosphere. You are amazing!

I would especially like to thank Oyinkan Braithwaite and Ronovan  for nominating me for the Liebster Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger award, respectively. These are great honors, particularly coming from these two amazing and inspiring writers. Oyinkan writes a blog called Writing in Whispers where she showcases her beautiful work and inspires others through her posts about different poetry forms. I was so fortunate to come across her post about Pantoums which tuned me into her blog. If you are looking for some creative writing to read, a story to get your imagination going or some guidance for trying a new style of poetry, stop by Writing in Whispers. You’ll thoroughly enjoy every second you can spend there. Ronovan keeps a blog called RonovanWrites  where he shares his fantastic writing as well as tips and hints for becoming a better writer. Ronovan is an incredibly positive and helpful blogger in the community and had a wonderful writing voice. Each time I read one of his posts it feels as if he is talking to me. If you’re looking for a mentor blog, varied writing styles or guidance about different writing forms, RonovanWrites is the place to go. Stay and while and get lost in the stories.

Before I leave off, I would also like to thank Pat at Lemon Lime Follies for all the encouraging comments the last few weeks. It has been so fun to talk back and forth. Thank you!

Have a happy Friday!




2 thoughts on “Daily Journey Journal #37: weekly gratitide

  1. thanks for the mention here — very generous and kind 🙂

    Of course, if you weren’t writing such interesting things, I wouldn’t have found your space, and wouldn’t be commenting.

    Have a great day! 🙂

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